Saturday, May 9, 2009


There is nothing better than warm pancakes on a cool, early, summer morning. I think my little Monkey agrees. This morning he told me no short of 15 times to get up and make him pancakes. I sluggishly said I would, and then it took him nearly a half and hour to get me out of bed. He entertained himself during that time by walking out on our deck and returning repeatedly to his father and I with play by play details on what was happening with the neighbors dog. First he was barking at Monkey, then he stopped, which made Monkey bored so he started calling out to the dog, which we stopped. Then the dog jumped into and out of a "window". Then we found out that the dog has a brown bum. Next the dog got out of the yard. We think this is true, because his barking began to sound very... far... away. Ahhhhh, I will just get out of bed and make him some pancakes.

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