Sunday, May 24, 2009

grow garden grow!

The garden is starting to show so many signs of life and it is very exciting! The peas are climbing and about a foot tall. Most of the beets we planted seemed to survive, their little leaves are about 2 inches above the ground and the herbs are going crazy!
I am a little worried about the tomatoes that we planted by seed straight outside, there does not seem to be much life yet. I will be so sad if they don't make it. We can always buy partially grown plants and go from there, but I was hoping that the seeds I dried from last years crop would work. They worked in the little starter pods, so we do have a few plants doing alright from that, just not many. And we had THE best tomatoes last year! Heirloom tomatoes that were huge in the most peculiar shades of pink and green. Little sun sweet tomatoes that seemed to glow they were so orange. And so many romas that I made huge batches of tomato sauce to freeze, roasted them, and dried them so they would not go to waste. I can't wait until the garden is plump full of tomatoes, basil, squash and other veggies to eat. It is my goal this year to can and freeze so much that nothing goes to waste and we have delicious, organic, homegrown products to use all year round!


  1. Good luck on your garden! I hope the tomatoes end up suprising you.

  2. Tomatoes need to be started indoors earlier than you set them out. If you have a long growing season then you may get crop from them, if not, they won't get big enough soon enough to get fruit. I'd by some starts just to make sure you still have tomatoes. Good luck!