Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Eggs in Purgatory"

These little one piece of bread egg sandwiches (that's what Dad always called them) are inspired by our local Red Rock Brewing Company's "Eggs in Purgatory" - topped with a spicy red sauce and parmesan cheese. A savory way to start off the day!

Just cut any shape you please (little monkey choose a star today) out the center of your chosen bread. Butter both sides lightly, place on the griddle and crack an egg in each hole. Salt and pepper if you please. Cook until the bottom side is golden and toasted, then flip.
We had leftover homemade red sauce in the fridge but store bought will do, just warm it up with a little crushed red pepper for kick. We like to toast the cut outs from the bread separately, it makes cute little shapes, perfect for dipping!


  1. Oh yum!! That reads like a lovely breakfast.

  2. Thanks, it was! I am always making sweet things for breakfast and it was a nice change!