Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh to be cooked for......

A late night omelet with herbs and tomatoes straight from the garden,with a side of delightfully salty Halloumi cheese! All to be eaten while watching season one of Flight of the can that be beat? It cannot. We experimented with the herbs (my dear friend Reba's idea) putting basil in one third of the omelet, jalapeno and chives in one third, and rosemary in the remaining third. I liked the rosemary best, quite to my surprise, and Reba liked the basil - because it went so well with the tomatoes. I have never tried Halloumi cheese before so it was particularly special! Reba sliced it up and pan fried it without a drop of oil or any other accessory. It was salty, chewy, crisp on the outside and terribly addictive!

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