Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Has anyone ever had Blumatoes in their garden?

It's a blueberry - it's a tomato- it's a Blumato (or so we call them!)

Has anyone else had this occur in their garden? Last year we planted a blueberry plant too close to the tomatoes and they must have cross pollinated because half way through the summer these funny shoots grew out of the blueberry plant that had suspiciously tomato like leaves and strange little berries. The berries are nearly black, round, shiny and are full of seeds (just like tomatoes). They are slightly sweet, a little sour, and not terribly unpleasant. The kids say they taste like Trix, but let's just say no one wants a whole bowl of them. I am thinking that they must be pretty high in antioxidants, right? Oh anyway.


  1. Actually they are a type of berry that is very easy to grow and good for jams and pies. I have them volunteer in my yard every year. Here is a web page on them.

  2. Thanks Kristin! That is exactly them! Mine started right off my blueberry plant last year though I am sure. Crazy. I don't know if I want to make jam from them though. not too tasty. Have you ever had jam from the "Wonderberries"?

  3. I haven't made jam from them. I grew them one year thinking they would be sweeter than they are and would be good for the kids to pick off like they do cherry tomatoes. They aren't, as you know.
    I have had some volunteer every year since! I really should plant more, since they are so easy to grow and sweeten them up with sugar and make jam. I should do a lot of things... :0)