Monday, April 27, 2009

more, no more, coffee

As if it is not humiliating enough to have an addiction to coffee now I am tackling my addiction to drive-thru coffee. Oh the indulgence of buying myself something nice, the feeling that I belong in the demographic of people that can afford daily drive-thru lattes, the excellent customer service.... "Hi there Jammy! What are you up to today?" it's like they are my best friends. I have a perfectly good coffee maker at home and if it were simply about the caffeine, well, this would be another story would it not? I mean we all know that if there were no caffeine, my house would never be cleaned, my children would never make it all the way to the dentist and we would eat a lot of fast thank you for caffeine. But this drive-thru thing is a sad, sorry, (not to mention expensive) problemo and I need an escape route.

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